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DESIGNERS: Wireframe and Prototype collaboratively with your customers!
Make developers understand what you want!
DEVELOPERS: Select the technologies you want to use and scaffold your web and mobile applications from design.
Make designers understand what is going on!

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Design your web and mobile apps collaboratively along with your customers in an online co-working space and bring your wireframes to life!

Structure web and mobile applications by designing WIREFRAMES and interaction flows.

Share, Annotate and Collaborate in smooth real-time with Customers and Developers.

Check interactions and usability with PROTOTYPES automatically generated from wireframes.

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Convert the knowledge embedded in the design into ready to use source code. Select the frameworks and languages YOU want and control as YOU desire.

Choose what you get! From webapps (Angular, React, Mocha, Chai, Bootstrap, Grunt, Gulp...) to mobile apps (Android, iOS) and much more!

Organize your project so it suits the way you work.

One click and your repository is ready to go! Clone it and push to it to see the designs evolve.

Our Team

Visual Scaffolding is the result of the collaboration of a multi-disciplnary team of passionate entrepreneurs. Based in Luxembourg, the startup gathers international contributors with top tech profiles, all enthusiastic to be part of this adventure.

Our mission: At Visual Scaffolding we aim at simplifying the daily life of Designers and Developers because we are part of them. We work hard to satisfy our users and provide them with the tools they need to design and develop web and mobile apps in the smartest possible way.

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